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MyMasjid Digital

MyMasjid Digital WiFi Home Receiver MMR-01

MyMasjid Digital WiFi Home Receiver MMR-01

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Upgrade Your Listening Experience

The MyMasjid Digital WiFi Home Receiver MMR-01 allows you to listen to any masjid* anywhere, from anywhere, with amazing audio quality – all you need is a WiFi or mobile data connection.

Experience static-free audio, with unlimited range capabilities. Built with advanced WiFi technology, this audio receiver offers crisp, uninterrupted sound no matter the distance.

How does it work?

Once connected, it will autoplay whenever the masjid begins to broadcast, exactly like a traditional analogue receiver. Enjoy interference-free, crystal-clear sound as if you were actually sitting in the masjid. This is a vast improvement over our analogue receivers which have range limitations and experience occasional signal interference – with our digital receiver, these issues are non-existent.

See our FAQs for general help with our digital receiver.

*Only masjids listed in our online directory are available on the receiver via “Find MyMasjid”.

How to use

After connecting to WiFi or mobile data and device activation, follow our Quick Setup Guide or the Video Guide below to find your masjid and add it to your Favourites. The “Find MyMasjid” feature allows you to browse/search our online directory of masjids and add any masjid from this list to your Favourites. The “My Added Stations” feature allows you to add your own masjid (not listed in our directory), once added it can be saved to your Favourites for easy access.**

**To use the “My Added Stations” feature, you will need a live stream URL, provided your masjid has a digital system fitted (see section E of the Quick Setup Guide).


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Video Guide - Unboxing & Quick Setup